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We like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to online finance products. When we review, we really review – any site crossing our path is thoroughly scrutinised and no pixel is left unturned.

We check the important stuff and ask the right questions of course:

  • We highlight the good stuff and expose the not-so-good stuff.
  • We compare how the product/service stacks up against those of competitors?
  • We confirm the people operating the site have the expertise to deliver the best possible outcome?
  • We rate our overall experience – will it leave you feeling like you’ve been well looked after or badly let down?
Still, we dig deeper – it’s the small details make all the difference:

When was the last time you checked a Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions? Well buried or missing information can say a lot about a company – even a cursory glance through a site can quickly expose a slap-dash set-up.

We also rate sites consistently across key areas to get a proper apples-for-apples comparison.

You’ll find our best rated reviews below, but you can check all our reviews here.


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