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Are You Richer in a Relationship

For Richer or Poorer – You Decide

It’s our basic human instinct to want what we haven’t got, and not want what we have – and it’s no different with relationships.

We’ve all had those periods of singledom, living the fancy-free lifestyle, walking round the house in our pants, and doing what we want, when we want. Unfortunately, our human brains seldom cope with this state of continuous euphoria and trick us into thinking the grass is greener, and that we’d be better off in a stable grown-up relationship. Fast forward 6 months and we’ll be back yearning for those great times we used to remember as a bachelor/bachelorette.

But what about that sub-species of human beings – the fawn-slack-wearing finance brigade? Yes, that’s right, Accountants. These bean counters don’t interpret “was I better off single?” in the context of happiness, they think of it in financial terms¬† – in other words, does this relationship make sound financial sense?

To answer just that question several studies were conducted and TotallyMoney.com commissioned an infographic to pull it all together. Here it is for your enjoyment – read, digest and decide whether your relationship is in the black, or it’s the right time to put the Mrs and kids up for sale on eBay.


Are You Richer In a Relatsionship